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Searching for a Personal Injury

Choosing The Right Personal Injury Attorney

Choosing the right personal injury attorney is an important decision.  The weeks following a car wreck can be difficult to navigate.  Your car is damaged.  You are receiving medical treatment.  Bills are slowly mounting.  You are unable to work.  Insurance companies are contacting you.  Where do you turn for help?  People injured in car wrecks are often left with the foreign task of contacting a a personal injury attorney to deal with the insurance companies.  A personal injury attorney can level the playing field to ensure that you are being treated fairly by the insurance companies.

How do you know which personal injury attorney is the right one for you?  This blog discusses what to look for.

Research Personal Injury Attorneys

Television and internet ads abound with personal injury attorneys seeking clients.  These ads reach thousands of people.  Your search for the right attorney should go beyond a jingle you hear on television or an ad appearing at the top of your google search.  Ask family and friends for recommendations.  Research potential attorneys in your area on the internet and look at the attorney’s website and online ratings.  Select one or more attorneys who practice in the area of personal injury.  Call and talk with the actual attorney about your potential case.

Contact With The Actual Attorney

An initial question to ask is whether you will have contact with the actual attorney who will be handling your case.  Alternatively, will the bulk of your contact about your case be handled by a paralegal?  It is important that the attorney you choose be able to timely return your calls and fully advise you on the status of your case.   It is also important that the attorney can dedicate the necessary time to your case.


When finding the right attorney, you should inquire as to the attorney’s experience in handling cases similar to yours.  For example, how long has the attorney been practicing personal injury law?  While the number of years an attorney has been practicing law is an indicator of experience, this alone should not be the determining factor.  Has the attorney handled cases with injuries similar to yours?  Should your case go to trial, does the attorney have experience with the particular court that will consider your case?

Personal Injury Attorney’s Fees

In the typical car wreck case, attorney’s fees are based upon a contingency-fee arrangement.  That is, the lawyer does not recover any fee unless a recovery is made on behalf of a client.  Attorney’s fees, case costs, and medical bills/liens, are usually paid out of the total settlement amount.  Attorney’s fees vary based upon the complexity of the case.  In the typical car wreck case, most attorney’s charge between 33% and 40%.  Some may charge more.  When talking with potential attorneys, you should ask about the contingency fee amount.  At the end of the day, the contingency fee should be reasonable.

The Right Fit

It is important to hire the right attorney for your case.  You want an attorney who is experienced and detail oriented.  You likewise want an attorney who has sufficient time to dedicate to your case.  At the end of the day, you need to feel comfortable with the attorney you choose.

Barney Law PLLC aggressively represents clients in car wreck cases.  We give great attention to every case we take on.  Though our office is located in Teays Valley, West Virginia, we represent clients throughout West Virginia in car wreck and personal injury cases.  Feel free to call us with questions about your potential case.  The initial consultation is always free.