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Car Wrecks

Vehicle damage from a wreckEveryone who operates an automobile or tractor-trailer has an obligation to follow the rules of the road and maintain control of their vehicle. The most recent West Virginia Highway Safety Program Report indicates that in a single year there were more than 38,000 reported crashes and 15,404 reported injuries in West Virginia. With cell phones, blue tooth devices and interactive dashes, now more than ever, there are distractions that keep drivers from focusing on the road.  Sadly, when a driver fails to operate his or her vehicle or tractor-trailer in a safe manner, a car wreck can occur. Injured drivers and passengers have medical bills, lost wages and car repairs to name a few. This does not even take into account the physical and mental losses associated with a collision.

An injured driver or passenger is often left with the foreign task of dealing with insurance companies whose goal is typically to reduce the amount of any claim it pays out. Let’s face it, insurance companies are in the business of making profit by taking in premiums and keeping the amount of money paid out on claims low. This is the nature of the insurance business. When an injured driver or passenger deals with insurance companies, oftentimes the playing field is not a fair one. It is important to have counsel to ensure that the insurance company is being fair and providing all compensation that an injured person is entitled to under West Virginia law.

The most important thing an injured person can do is contact an attorney as soon as possible. Insurance companies sometimes act very quickly to try to resolve a claim and suggest that this is beneficial to the injured person. In reality, aggressive tactics by an insurance company often lead to injured drivers or passengers not being fully and fairly compensated for the losses they have sustained.

It may be necessary for a lawyer to file a civil action on your behalf if the driver and/or insurance company will not provide fair compensation for the harms and losses you sustained in a car wreck. Barney Law PLLC does not shy away from seeking remedy in Court and taking cases in front of a jury.

If you or your loved one has been injured in an car wreck, call Barney Law PLLC for a free consultation.